Sorry to report we lost today to a team we could have easily beat.  The other team scored off of two corner kick set pieces.  We had a beautiful equalizer early in the game from Chase with an assist from Gabe.  We had what looked like another very late equalizer from Pabs on a corner kick however that was called back.    All in all a good run — thanks fans!

To the Quarters…

So up bright and early with 16 very bleary eyed boys.  Long story short — a 2-1 lost against Utah Crossfire.  Fortunately the other 2 teams in our group tied so we automatically advance with a 2nd place finish in our group.   We are back in the hotel — “chilling” —  the quarterfinal is 6 pm tonight.  Wish us luck.

Also a teary goodbye to Sam who is headed to Chicago tonight and to our fabulous mom/chaperone Steph who heads back to the Bay Area tonight as well.

Day #3 …a tie

We had a nice evening last night in Seattle followed by a crazy run to the Fred Meyer for snacks at 10:00 pm.

This morning it was generally mellow and we left for the fields late morning for our 1 pm game.  Today was a lot cooler and we had a nice breeze kick up in the 2nd half.  The game was a pretty even match – the team was definitely beatable – Franky had a nice goal from an assist from Gabe and we had several other attempts.  We ended in a 1-1 tie.  This puts us in 2nd place in our group.  We need to WIN or TIE tomorrow to advance.

Tonight we will have a team dinner at Buca di Beppo here in Lynnwood and make an early night of it since we have an 8 am game tomorrow.


Dub #1

Very warm day out there today, however our players prevailed in winning our first game against the Idaho team who is ranked  #3 in their state.  Goals by Chase Griffen and OT.  We conceded a goal late in the game on a penalty kick.   Planning on going to Seattle tonight.

Day 1 Recap

So day 1 was mostly uneventful – coach Pierre’s plane delayed and rental car lines from hell (but we got such a deal).  Other than that boys are settling into the suburban environs in Lynnwood.  You know, hanging out at the mall.  Many watched the Warriors game 😞.   Hard to watch the loss.  Our hotel is very nice and recently remodeled.  Very warm here – nearly 80 – rough on our fog babies.  All in bed at a reasonable hour – psyched for our 11 am game tomorrow. 


Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the following raffle winners.  We are in the process of contacting all winners and distributing prizes…  Thank you all so much for your support!!