Marauds sweep Cal North…on to Washington

maraudsThe boys really had no idea when we entered the Cal North Presidents Cup competition that there was even a regional or national competition.  It was only after we swept the preliminary rounds that someone mentioned that if we won we would be eligible to go to the Regionals in Washington or even the Nationals in Kansas.

The week after the prelims the idea of going to Washington started to get some momentum with Pablo and his #washingtonherewecome hashtag on his instagram post.

The semifinals were Saturday April 18th and we only had 12 guys since several were taking the ACT.  Four boys waited at home in SF after their ACT exam – getting minute by minute text updates.  Long story short – we won the semifinal 4-1.  So 4 additional boys piled in a small car and headed up to Sacramento for the 7 pm final.

It was nice to have some fresh legs and we were up 2-0 at the half.  However Revolution JZ came back in the 2nd half and tied it up.  First OT – still tied, onto second OT. Somewhere in there Gabe gets a red card so we are down to 10 men.  Still tied at end of second OT so on to PKs.   Julian nails the first kick.  Griff nails the second.  OT nails the third.  Harrison blocks the third kick from Revolution JZ.    Sean nails the fourth kick.  The score is 4-3 and Drew is up.  If he nails it we win (no pressure).  And he scores!!!  Chaos ensues.

Thanks to Revolution JZ for a fierce game.

Cal North Presidents Cup – Champions!


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